In order to have your child baptized, Parents and Godparents must do the following:
1.  Attend Baptismal Seminar- Please call Parish Office at (504) 464-0361 to Register
2. Please Print, Read and Sign the Baptism Registration Form, Parent Testimonial Form and Godparent Testimonial Form below.

Click here to print Baptism Registration Form PDF
Please Note: If Parents are not registered with OLPH, please request a Letter of Permission from the parish
where you are registered, or the parish closest to you

and have them email the Letter of Permission to: gradecker@olphla.org 

Click here to print Parental Testimonial for the Sacrament of Baptism PDF

Click here to print Godparent Testimonial for the Sacrament of Baptism PDF
Please print one Godparent Testimonial for each Godparent

3. Please Print and Read the two forms below.

                                                                        Click here for Promulgation of the Policy of Infant Baptism PDF

Click here for Particular Law on Infant Baptism PDF

 4.  Bring copy of child's birth certificate with above paperwork or email to: gradecker@olphla.org
5. Turn in above forms to the Parish office or email to: gradecker@olphla.org
6.  Confirm date and time of Baptism with Pastor