Religious Education

Our Lady of Perpetual Help CCD Calendar

2018 – 2019



                                    10th                 Class 1          Meeting with parents in cafeteria

                                    16th                                       Catechetical Sunday – 10:30 Mass

                                    17th                Class 2           Confirmation Parents and Candidates                             

                                                                                 Seminar – 6:30 Cafeteria -Mandatory

    24th                 Class 3          


October                       1st                  Class 4          

                                      8th                 Class 5

                                     15th               Class 6

                                     21st               World Youth Day - Grades 7-9 and Confirm. Class

                                     22nd              Class 7

                                     28th               Confirmation Commitment Mass - 5 p.m.

                                     29th               Class 8


November                    5th                 Class 9          

                                     12th                Class 10         2nd  Confirmation Seminar-Mandatory

                                     19th                  Thanksgiving Holidays – No class

    26th                Class 11                                                       


December                  3rd                   Class 12        

                                    10th                 Class 13

                                    17th                 Class 14 Christmas Pageant


No religion classes until after the New Year


January                      7th                    Class 15         3rd Confirmation Seminar-Mandatory

14th                 Class 16

21st                 Martin Luther King Holiday – No class

28th                 Class 17         Parents’ First Communion Seminar – 6:30- 7:30    OLPH Band Room - Mandatory


February                  4th                 Class 18        

11th                Class 19         4th Confirmation Seminar– Sponsors Mandatory 

18th               Class 20 

25th                Class 21         First Reconciliation – Church – 6:30



March                           4th                  Mardi Gras holidays - No Class      

                                    11th                 Class 22  -  5th Confirmation Seminar-Mandatory    

                                    18                   Class 23

                                    23rd                Confirmation Retreat- 10 am-5 p.m. – La Rose Center

                                    25th                  Class 24


April                               1st                   Class 25

                                      3rd                Confirmation Practice - Candidates & Sponsors

                                      4th                Confirmation – 7:00 p.m.           

  8th                 Class 26  

                                     15th              Class 27

                                     22nd             Easter Monday - No class

                                     27th              First Communion Retreat – 1:00 - 5:00


May                             3th                  First Communion Practice – 4:30 – 6:00

                                     4th                 First Communion – 11:00 Mass

                                     6th                 Class 28 – Last Class – Mass & May Crowning                      

Children should arrive for religion classes by 6:30, and report to the cafeteria.  Students will be dismissed from the Breezeway at 7:45. For security purposes, parents must pick up their children in the breezeway at dismissal.  Parents are not to go to classrooms during class time or to get their children.  If you need to speak with a teacher, please wait until their class is dismissed in the breezeway.


CCD attire – Appropriate attire is necessary for the students to take the classes seriously.  Students are not to come to class in flip-flops, tank tops, or in shorts, other than school uniform shorts. 


Cell phones are not to be used in the classrooms.  Other electronic devices, gum and food are not to be brought into the classrooms.